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admonishment would you give to
such men?
We say in Arabic "Al-Ummu madrasa"
or `The Mother is a School". If you
prepare the mother to be educated you
will prepare a nation with good mor-
als. I believe we should educate our
women because they are the ones who
stay with their kids more and teach
them more. Those kids will become
scholars sooner or later if the Aqeedah
of the mother is correct. The social cir-
cles are more among the women than
the men, and the world will be distrib-
uted more by the women. My advice
for the women is continue to seek the
knowledge, and their role model Aisha
(radiy Allahu anha) was a great
teacher, and our women in this time
should be and can be great teachers as
well. Many women have the ability to
be great teachers for our Ummah and
should not hesitate to do so.
For those who prevent their wives and
daughters from learning, this is a big
loss. It is a big loss that they are pre-
venting their wives to understand what
their rights and duties are, to Allah, to
their husbands, to their children, and
to themselves. I advise these men to
never prevent their wives from seeking
knowledge. An educated woman and