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mother is a benefit for them and their
kids as well.
Sheikh how do you think Sister
Laila is doing steering S.F in its
new direction? Being among the
few female da'is out there calling
the people especially the women
back to the way of Allah.
Without exaggerating one word, Sister
Laila is a great dai'ee and a good
teacher following the real Sunnah. I
heard her many times speaking and
she always speaks with proof from the
Quran or the Sunnah, or from the
opinion of the scholars. May Allah
(swt) increase her knowledge;
What would you say to those who
do not trust women da'is or find
them not the same as male da'is
in what they preach? For exam-
ple many may take from a male
da'i than a femali da'i who calls
to the same teaching?
We cannot ignore that in the time of
the Salaf there were a lot of women
who were dai'ee and beneficial teach-
ers. If any man ignores these women
who become dai'ee and scholars, that
is ignorance and jealousy.