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Praise be to Allah
Although children below puberty are not ob-
ligated to fast, Imam Muslim records that
the Prophet (saw) has told us in an authen-
tic hadith to teach our children to fast and
pray at the age of seven and make them
fast and pray by the age of ten.
The companions of the Prophet (saw) were
the best example for us, and they trained
their children to fast as illustrated from the
following ahadith narrated by Arrabia Bint
"The Messenger of Allah sent a man on the
morning of the day of 'Ashurah to the resi-
dences of the Ansar, saying: 'Whoever has
spent the morning fasting is to complete his
fast. Whoever has not spent this morning
fasting should fast for the remainder of the
day.' We fasted after that announcement, as
did our young children. We would go to the
mosque and make toys stuffed with cotton
for them to play with. If one of them started
crying due to hunger, we would give them a
toy to play with until it was time to eat." This
is related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.