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Ibn 'Abbas said concerning the 'ayah:
"And for those who can fast [but do not]..."

"This is a concession for the elderly, as they
can fast. They are to break the fast and
feed one poor person a day. Pregnant or
breast-feeding women, if they fear for the
child, can do likewise."
This is related by Al-Bazzar. At the end of
the report, there is the addition:

"Ibn 'Abbas used to say to his wives who
were pregnant:
'You are in the same situa-
tion as those who can fast [but do not]. You
are to pay the "ransom" and do not have to
make up the days later. "
Of its chain, ad-Daraqutni says it is sahih.


Women who are pregnant or breast feeding
are obligated to fast unless they are either a
high risk pregnancy or a woman whose milk