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dries and her child is in danger. In such
cases the women are not obligated to fast
but instead should pay the ransom which is
to feed a poor person for each day she can-
not fast; and she is not obligated to make
those days up.

And Allah knows best

Question: My father just took Shahadah.
He is 75 years old and can barely get
around due to his old age. Is he obli-
gated to fast?
Elderly men and women are allowed to
break their fast due to the fact that they are
so old that it is a hardship for them. How-
ever, they are obligated to pay the ransom
as a result, and this is based on the view of
Ibn Abbas who said:
"An elderly man is permitted to break his
fast, but he must feed a poor person daily. If
he does this, he does not have to make up