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Menses and post-childbirth bleeding
Even if such bleeding begins just before the sunset,
the fast of that day is rendered void and the day
must be made up.
Ejaculation of sperm
Ejaculation voids the fast even if it was just due to
kissing, hugging, or masturbation, and the day must
be made up.
If the ejaculation was due to looking at or thinking
about something, then it is like having a wet dream
during the day and it, therefore, does not void the
fast nor is there any requirement on the person.
Similarly, ejaculation of seminal fluid does not harm
the fast in any way.

Mistakes made when fasting such as thinking
the sun has set, does not break the fast
When fasting we should also bear in mind that Allah
does not punish us for the mistakes we make. So if
one breaks his fast thinking the sun has set when it
has not, he does not have to make it up. Proof of
this is based on the fact that the Prophet (saw)