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Laila Nasheeba
Hasan Khalil
Abu Adnan Mohammad
Laila Nasheeba
Dr Ibrahim Dremali
Hasan Khalil
Imam Zia
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The Allies of Allah & Allies of Shaytaan
Product Added : July 3, 2012
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The Prophet (s) established the criterion for distinguishing truth from falsehood, guidance from going astray, uprightness from following of whims, the believers from the disbelievers, and the allies of Allah from His enemies. Whoever the Prophet (s) has attested to as being among the allies of Allah, are the awliyaa' (friends or allies) of the Merciful, and whoever the Prophet has described as being among the enemies of Allah, are indeed among the enemies of Allah, and are among the awliyaa' of the shaitaan (devil). By watching this DVD you will learn who the Allies of Allah and the Allies of Shaytan are and how to differentiate between these two. After u have seen the DVD you need to ask yourself the important question:

Am I an Ally of Allah or am I an Ally of the Shaytaan…..?

Lecture series by Sister Laila Nasheeba

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