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Laila Nasheeba
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Wake up to the Call of Dawah {ON SALE}
Product Added : May 12, 2010
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Allah has mentioned many times in the Quran in regards to Dawah:

“You are the best of people raised up, for you call to all that is right and righteous and you forbid the evil, and you believe in Allah.” [ 3:110]

“Say, O Muhammad (s): This is my way, I call to Allah upon certain knowledge - I, and those who follow me. I declare Allah free and far removed from all that they associate as partners with Him, and I am free of those who worship anything else along with Him.” [ 12:108]

Indeed, calling to Allah was the mission of all the Messengers and their followers, in order to bring the people out of darkness and into light. Nowadays Muslims do not give Dawah or are doing so in the wrong way, which ultimately will cause more harm than good.

This series of lectures is a wake up call for every single Muslim shedding light on the importance of Dawah in our everyday lives. It speaks about the conditions needed to make Dawah and the characteristics one should have to be a caller to Islam. This series is not only for those directly involved in Dawah but rather is for all Muslims to know your duty to calling others to Islam within your ability.

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