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Laila Nasheeba
Hasan Khalil
Abu Adnan Mohammad
Laila Nasheeba
Dr Ibrahim Dremali
Hasan Khalil
Imam Zia
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A Journey Through Paradise
Product Added : July 3, 2012
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Al Quran Wa Sunnah, Islamic Site of Learning is Proud to Present a brilliant series of lectures on Paradise by sister Laila Nasheeba. These 2 DVDís contain 4 videos which discuss many questions that you may have about Paradise. For example: Have you ever wondered what the trees, clothing, jewellery, soil, lakes and rivers will look like? Whether you will be married and have children? What is in store for women in Paradise? What will happen with those who die before the age of legal capacity? This DVD series will give you all those answers and MUCH MUCH MORE based on the descriptions that we have been given in the Qur'an and Authentic aHadith of our Beloved Prophet (SAW). This series has been beautifully illustrated, sure to keep you engaged from beginning to end, while building your knowledge in a fun way for all ages and to increase your desire to strive hard in this life to attain your place in Paradise, the ultimate place of joy and bliss.

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