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Laila Nasheeba
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Laila Nasheeba
Dr Ibrahim Dremali
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Lessons in Seerah
Product Added : July 3, 2012
  Product Description

Linguistically seerah means a path a person takes during his lifetime. It also means conduct, comportment, demeanor, behavior, way of life, attitude, position, reaction, way of acting, and biography. The Quran and authentic sunnah use seerah as a means of helping the Muslim to grow.

The seerah selected for this 2 CD set holds many lessons of benefit for the listener. From the story of Qaroon one learns to overcome the trials associated with wealth. From the story of Ibrahim and Ismael one gains a true understanding of sacrifice. From the death of the Prophet Muhammad (sa) one gains the hope that is needed to stand against the Anti-Christ.

So gather your family around you - sit back and enjoy these short seerah.

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