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Laila Nasheeba
Hasan Khalil
Abu Adnan Mohammad
Laila Nasheeba
Dr Ibrahim Dremali
Hasan Khalil
Imam Zia
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Lessons from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (sa)
Product Added : July 2, 2012
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The Prophet Muhammad was sent as an example to all mankind and the way he handled the trials of life serve as an example for us even today. This 3- Cd set illustrates the great example the Prophet Muhammad was by showing how he dealt with the following events:


1. Defending Abu Sufyan - This is a lecture defending the honor and status of Abu Sufyan as a result of how some Muslims today are ignorant enough to refer to him as a hipocrit and enemy of Allah. Abu Sufyans story is a lesson for the Believer for it teaches that just saying you believe in Allah is not enough. Instead we should spend our time proving ourselves worthy of paradise. Instead of talking about your conversion, you should ask yourself what sacrifices have you made for Allah since your conversion to Islam.

2. How the Prophet handled Hardships - This lecture speaks of the trials the prophet faced first persecution, then migration, then rejection from Taif and how he remained patient and Allah rewarded him and the believers. Lesson to be learned here is that as long as the Believer's remain patient and hold on to the rope of Allah all together, allah will help them out of every hardship and elevate them in their faith


1. The Migration - Due to the fact that the Muslims were forbidden from practising Islam in their home city of Mecca, they were forced to move to another city and set up residence. This lecture speaks of how we can learn and benefit from what led to the Prophets Migration to Medinah. We learn to never lose faith nor hope despite the odds. We also learn that for those of us who persevere, just when it seems the unbelievers and hypocrites have the upper hand, Allah will always send support to the Believer

2. The Night Journey - This lecture details the Prophet Muhammad's Night Journey and the lessons to be learned and applied to our lives from it. This excerpt from the life of our Prophet teaches us to never lose hope. Despite how the unbelievers and hypocrites may mock and ridicule us, we need to remain firm in our belief and know that although we may seem to be on the bottom now, we will be on top on the Day of Judgement

3. The Antics of the Hipocrites - This Lecture speaks of how after the conquest of Mecca the Prophet had to contend with the Hypocrites and their plan to cause discord between he and Ali and the believers. This serves as a great lesson for Muslims today to learn so as not to fall victim to the antics of the hypocrites especially on the internet


1. After the conquest of Mecca - This lecture details lessons to be learned from the Prophet after the Muslims conquered Mecca. How Allah tested the believers. The Believer should never take Allah for granted and must always be aware that if you are a person of the truth, others will constantly be watching you. So assure that your actions and words are good

2. The Journey Home from Tabuk - This Lecture details how the Prophet dealt with the hipocrites on the way home from Tabuk. How he discovered that there were more of his men who were sincere about the deen than those who were hipocritical. We learn from him to not allow the hipocrites to make us think that we have no supporters and not to allow them to consume us to the point where we overlook the believers

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